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A ballad that’s pertinent to current times, but also ageless in that its sentiments are indicative of a life-long pursuit of positive changes. 

The song was recorded at Chase Park in Athens by Seattle-based producer Justin Davis, who also plays percussion for the track alongside drummer Kyle Spence (Kurt Vile & The Violators) and vocalist Noelle Shuck of Athens-based punk rock band Shehehe. 

Polar Waves describes the new single as an exploration of “the endless struggle and search for a better present, chasing after bad apples and the frustrations of today’s social division, abuse of power, recklessness and unfair treatments.” 

With the combination of Polar Waves' gruff vocal stylings and the song’s melodic instrumentals, “Chronic” is a solid listening experience. Check it out. -Flagpole Magazine, july 2020

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